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Evers through ongoing research work is contantly searching for innovative solutions that simplifies and improves your work, and wich will save you both costs and time. With that in mind, the Vario-Disc has been developed. This unique disc harrow provides complete stubble incorporation. The Vario-Disc ensures a good seed bed, the digestive process is rapidly and extensively launched and the crumbling of the soil is optimal. This Evers invention is also characterized by a high working capacity and low fuel consumption.

The Vario-Disc has since its introduction in 1991 been a great succes; often copied but never equaled!

Stageless adjustment of disc-angle

You want to work quickly and efficiently and achieve maximum results. The innovative stageless adjustment of disc-angle of the Vario-Disc ensures the machine can be set optimally for the desired work Both deep and shallow working depth, large or little crop residues, dry or moist soil: the Vario-Disc works without problems under all circumstances by adjusting the angle of the disks for each row, by wich the discs work with maximum effect.


The Vario-Disc with 2 rows of discs, works without clogging and provides a complete, intensive stubble incorporation, homogeneous mixing of soil and a good foundation. Beside this, the machine is ideally suited to incorporate organic manure, green manure and a stubble tillage after cultivation such as in cereals, maize, sunflower and soilseed rape. All these types of tillage are done perfectly by choosing the right aggressiveness per row with the unique stageless angel adjustment of the Vario-Disc.

Combining working passes

The Evers Vario-Disc can be combined with the Evers cultivator Breton. This compact cultivator is simply integrated between the tractor and the Vario-Disc and enables simultaneously subsoiling to a depth of 25 cm. The working depth of the cultivator can be set during work, at any time and independently of the working of the Vario-Disc. The Breton is available with both shear-bolt protection and with hydraulic auto-reset for working in difficult and stony conditions.

Major benefits

If you choose the ideal combination of the Vario-Disc with the Breton cultivator, you will get the maximum benefit of the opportunities these machines offer. Becaurse of the unique shape of the tines the Breton requires less horse power. Its compact contruction and solid frame ensure a reliable machine. Besides, the cultivator has interchangeable chisels, with either 6cm width or 25cm wide wing points.





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