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For companies requiring high capacity, it is important to have a central lubrication system installed. The bearings of the discs must be lubricated at least every 50ha. When the work day is completed, this is something that can be easy to be neglected. It is also necassary that the grease nipples are cleaned prior to lubrication. This can be a time consuming affair.

Electric pump and 2,5 kg grease container    

Central Lubrication System

The central lubrication system with electric pump ensures that each bearing receives a preset amount of grease. The risk of excessively high pressure with avoided, since the electric pump is provided with a pressure relief valve. In addition, administering the lubricant in ongoing discs is better than administering it in discs that stand still. This way the housing is permanently filled with grease. A light admission pressure prevents the ingress of sand grains. The pipes are sufficiently protected so that objects such as rocks, can not cause damage. When using the central lubrication sysytem, bearings are carried out with an additional grease nipple, so that the bearing housing after tightening the crown nut by hand, can be filled with a hand grease pump.

Standard Version

The Vario-discs models with rigid frames, Skyros, Orlov and Salerno are normally equipped with a hand-operated grease pump, which is mounted on the back of the tractor cab, so a few times a day the bearings can be lubricated while driving, up to the point when the pressure in the pump increases significantly and is noticeable. Of course, an electric version is available. The hydraulically folding Vario-discs Dulmen, Senner and Salerno are machines thatare recommended with a electric pump.

The Vario-disc slurry injektor Toric and Toric Farmer are only available withan electric pump, as the aggressive elements of the slurry have a destructive effect on the bearings.

  Protected lines
Machine Type Item no.
Skyros V200/51 995216
Skyros V225/51 995218
Skyros V250/51 995220
Skyros V275/51 995222
Skyros V300/51 995224
Skyros V325/51 995226
Skyros V350/51 995228
Skyros V400/51 995230
Dulmen SE450/51 995236
Dulmen SE500/51 995240
Dulmen SE550/51 995244
Dulmen SE600/51 995248
Dulmen SE700/51 995256
Orlov W260/51 995424
Orlov W300/51 995428
Orlov W340/51 995432
Orlov W380/51 995434
Senner WE420/51 995440
Senner WE500/51 995448
Senner WE580/51 995456
Morgan VS300/56 995920
Morgan VS400/56 995928
Morgan VS500/56 995936
Morgan VS600/56 995944
Morgan WS300/56 995426
Morgan WS400/56 995434
Morgan WS500/56 995444
Morgan WS600/56 995454
Salerno RH270/56 995918
Salerno RH300/56 995920
Salerno RH330/56 995922
Salerno RH360/56 995924
Salerno RH390/56 995926
Salerno RE450/56 995930
Salerno RE500/56 995934
Salerno RE600/56 995940
Salerno RE700/56 995946
Toric SE452/56M 995236
Toric SE502/56M 995240
Toric SE602/56M 995248
Toric SE662/56M 995249

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