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Compaction of the soil on your farm is an increasing problem. This compaction has several causes, such as repeatedly riding over certain parts of the field, as well as the increasingly heavy farm machinery. This compaction of the soil is more than desirable.

Advanced program

Evers has a very wide range of subsoilers, which also include the best solution for you. We consider the situation on your fields. Is it a headland or is it an old ploughsole? Are there disturbing layers in the soil? Our machines can solve the problem easily.

Afterwards the field absorbs enough water again, superfluous water drains off, and the crop grows well and steady. The roots can go deep enough so that, even in dry periods, enough soil water will be reached. Available nutrients will be very well absorbed by the roots of the crop.

Evers looks beyond the operation. Evers offers a huge variety of tines and chisels, by which the subsoiler fits the situation for your land and your needs. The machines can mix the soil, or keep the different soil layers intact. Evers subsoilers are always supplied with the tines placed in the unique V-form or W-from, for steady and maximum breaking up the soil with minimal traction, and for high clearance especially with many crop residues and heavy soil. Subsoilers are all as standard equipped with shear bolt protection, but can optionally be equipped with Hydraulic auto-reset for stony conditions.

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