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Our company was founded in 1961 by Johann Evers. He started as a blacksmith. Besides his work as a blacksmith, he also started to produce subsoilers. The famous curved, little traction required, round tine is from his hand. The subsoilers with curved tines (in its modified form for today's tractors) is even after 40 years still sold in large numbers.

Johann Evers

In those early years also hoeing tools and potato cars were made. At that time these equipment was all sold in the near area, and nationwide sales activities were not developed yet.

Besides the production of agricultural machinery, the company also included steel construction and installation work, like plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, electrical installations.

Only in 1982 we have developed national sales activities. In that year our company was represented for the first time on the Dutch agricultural exhibition in Amsterdam. In the years following the turnover increased constantly. We have carefully paid attention to the wishes of our customers and developed a series of well-designed machines. Our product range has significantly increased, and each of the many tillage machines was developed in collaboration with the end users.

In 1990 the company officially split. Three separate companies emerged, namely: 

  1. Evers Agro (production of agricultural machinery)
  2. Evers Steel Construction (production and assembly of steel structures)
  3. Evers Installation (installation work)

In 1999 Evers Agro moved to a new building on the industrial estate in Almelo. A building with a modern office and production hall. In this building, the production is done in a modern manner.

Due to increasing demand for our machines the last few years and thereby the production capacity, Evers Agro decided to expand in 2010 at its current location. All this was achieved late Dezember 2010. After expanding the production area has increased  by 1375 m2 and the warehouse with 380 m2. The total production area is now 4000m2.

Horse breeds

For several years all Evers machines are named after a horse breed. The horses are in agriculture disappeared, however there is a lot of histroy with the horses. Therefore, we think horse breeds very appropriate for agricultural machinery.

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