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Wide range cultivators

Over the years Evers has developed a wide range of cultivators for optimal tillage. The machinery is available in different versions and can be equipped with the desired tines and chisels; also the frame clearance is individually selectable. Herewith our product range offers the optimal solution for all types of soil and all kinds of tillage. The cultivators of Evers can be divided into two groups, namely machinery with rigid tines and with spring tines. The rigid tines are capable for the deeper cultivation. 

Cultivator Customized

We develop a customized machine for you, by which the tine spacing, working width, and the tines with chisels in an appropriate framework, are precisely fixed to the specific requirements. A cultivator with spring tines are mostly for tillage on the surface, like the incorporation of lime or slurry and for stubble cultivation, but also for leveling and seed bed preparation. Furthermore, the Evers cultivators are on request available with additional equipment such as tube roller, depth control wheels, a stone protection and a hydraulic lifting device for drilling machines.

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