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Scraper blade

The MS PROFF is also known as Grader or Scraper blade. The word "Grader" characterizes the function, i.e. the possibility of swiveling the blade into different positions. The MS PROFF is a machine ideal for leveling or moving sand, gravel, snow, and so on. The machine is attached to the three-point linkage of a tractor. The lower edge of the blade is equipped with wearing parts in different versions (serrated, plain, rubber), whereby the machine is suitable for a multiple applications. The control of the functions can be either manually or hydraulically. Wheels on the back side of the blade ensure better weight distribution. Another requirement is that the blade will not immediately react to bumps. The Proff G-version offers the possibility for working on a inclination: with an extra cylinder on the 3-point the horizontal angle of the blade can be adjusted.

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